The account holder agrees to implement a recommendation with a guarantee by placing an order with the financial advisor of the account holder who, after receiving the order from the account holder, receives these transactions with E-TRADE Securities as requested trades. The account holder understands that commissions or markups/markdowns may, if applicable, be higher than those related to unsolicited trades for certain products related to unsolicited trades on the basis of the recommendation provided. All securities transactions for which the account holder has received a recommendation other than the placement of these transactions with a financial advisor are treated as unsolicited transactions and neither e-TRADE companies nor the financial advisor assume responsibility or liability arising from unsolicited transactions or the results of investment strategies, transactions or related decisions. The account holder recognizes that financial advisors can only make recommendations: futures, futures or futures strategies, option options or strategies, the use of margin, the loan, lines of credit or any other type of investment or other strategy that are not listed in the relationship summary, are therefore entitled to recommend retirement account hedging, a particular type of brokerage or pension account (p.B as an individual), individual common shares, mutual funds or exchange-traded fund transactions, futures or futures strategies, options or strategies , the use of margin, securities lending, lines of credit or any other form of investment or other strategy not specified in the relationship summary. Under current law, E-TRADE Securities and its financial advisors are required to act in your best interests at the time of a recommendation. This requirement does not apply to other transactions or services of E-TRADE Securities, including, but not exclusively, the marketing of securities and services and the execution of trade, and the manner in which it sets their fees and fees. Recommendations do not include, without restriction, marketing materials, educational materials, philosophy and investment principles, descriptions of strategies and risks, and general direction. E-TRADE may modify or terminate this customer contract at any time subject to applicable law. E-TRADE will generally endeavour to notify the account holder 30 days in advance of changes to the terms of the customer contract, although E-TRADE is not required to do so. If prior notification is not possible at E-TRADE`s sole discretion, E-TRADE will endeavour to provide this notification as soon as possible.